Our goal is to help property owners achieve their goals.

We begin by listening. We help our owner-clients define their long- and short-term goals, whether they include maximizing long-term income, preserving capital, or positioning a property for sale or recapitalization. Together, the Sierra Real Estate property management team and the property owner representatives establish property and financial objectives. Then we develop a strategy to achieve them.

We are problem solvers. And strategic thinkers.

We identify property and market opportunities and how to realize them, as we simultaneously identify any obstacles to achieving ownership objectives. From there, we develop a detailed strategic plan to overcome those obstacles, with a timeline for completion.

in our over 60 years of doing business there are few property management issues we have not seen and resolved, from maintenance and renovation issues, a roster of underpaying tenants, poor rent collections, incomplete reporting, inadequate marketing, or all of the above.

Delivering on the promise.

With a strategic plan in place, we commence implementation, with unwavering commitment, focus, and dedication of resources. Our in-house property management resources include legal counsel, financial analysts, accounting and reporting personnel, senior property management executives, senior project management executives, leasing brokers, and marketing experts. We also have long-term relationships with the full range of vendors and other real estate professionals to assist in execution of the strategic plan.

We are accessible and responsive
24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our reporting systems are thorough and state of the art. We deliver full and complete reports of current physical and financial conditions on established deadlines. We let owners know exactly what has been accomplished and what is left to do. We have a 24-hour help line for all properties we manage. Our staff, both on-site and in our corporate office, remains accessible and responsive to all ownership and tenant concerns.